BAND-AID  is a PASSION project created by Jacob Merlin in to showcase knowledge and skills learned while attending True Coders Boot-camp . 

This website would feature an easy to use hospital management system with the ability to control and manage user experience. This as well as  other features to provide convenience to local hospitals  and engage a wider audience of the health care field. I anticipate this website would help you increase the work flow of health care professionals by  almost double, over the course of its maintained life cycle.

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BAND-AID Hospital Software Feedback Forum
How satisfied were you with your overall user experiance?How satisfied were you with your overall user experiance?
How easy was navigation of the app?How easy was navigation of the app?
What was the best part of this software?
How convenient were the layouts?How convenient were the layouts?
Would you Consider using this programing in a commerical space?

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