Day 1 Ground Zero

Updated: Jul 9

Having to learn a new programming langue can be scary, worse yet it can feel overwhelming trying to build a application that runs and is controlled by not one but several langues. I always like to remind myself of my favorite saying when at times we feel as though something can't be done.

Day one, what's the project?

Well reader, I am glad you asked. It will be a hospital style management information system. I will be using the brand new blazer from Microsoft coded using C#. Built with bootstrapper, JavaScript, HTML5 including CSS-3, Data based in MYSQL, hosted on AWS- instanced on Linux, pushed via docker.

Sneak Peak:

A small snap-shot of whats to come! The goal is to have a completed and working web based application that using industry stander practice provides a fluid and dynamic user experience.

Want to offer feedback? Here’s how to do it:

  1. Follow the link to try out the system for yourself.

  2. Take notes on things you liked, and things that need improvement.

  3. Come back to the blog or in the website hit the survey button to come back.

  4. Fill out the information in the feedback section.

  5. Follow the project and stay up to date on new releases!

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